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At Trinity Primary School we believe that a high-quality science education is the key to developing children’s understanding of the world around them and preparing them for the future both academically and spiritually.  We want to encourage curiosity and wonder. We intend to do this by giving children opportunities to become aware of the world around them; to wonder about life’s WOWs; to reflect on experiences and meditate on life’s big questions, considering possible answers to them; and to respond with their own views. This starts in our Early Years Foundation Stage where our children learn through first hand experiences based on enquiry and interest led play. Our curriculum in Key Stage 1 builds upon these principles and encourages children to begin developing themselves as scientists through independent and adult led exploration. In Key Stage 2, our children continue to think and work like scientists, adding to their key vocabulary and using it with confidence. Children are also encouraged to raise questions and further investigate these. We want all our children to develop their scientific skills by working scientifically with knowledge. We intend to use the setting around us to promote our science capital by making links to the outside world. We utilise our Forest School time to apply the knowledge and skills taught in science.



Science learning starts at Trinity through finding out what the children already know by using appropriate elicitation tasks. We then build upon the children’s starting points by planning a sequence of learning to progressively develop their understanding of the topic being taught. We encourage them to ask questions and answer those posed by adults. We value our children as independent learners who have their own thoughts and we promote that through dedicated discussion time within our science learning. This allows vocabulary to be explored and further embedded. Wherever possible, we use the regular Forest School time to embed the learning taking place in our science lessons. At Trinity, we build upon the firm principles in the EYFS of understanding the world around you by ensuring links are made within our learning to appropriate contexts in the wider world. We value the importance of practical work in primary science which allows us to deepen the children’s scientific skills and knowledge. We value science at Trinity and allocate sufficient time to embed the working scientifically skills, alongside the knowledge, so the children can leave us being confident and skilful scientific thinkers.


Children can communicate science understanding through play, discussions, drawings, use of IT as well as through Tapestry. Where appropriate, we encourage cross-curricular links and provide opportunities for the children to share their understanding in a written form.



Children will see themselves as scientists and confidently explore the world around them. They will leave Trinity equipped with the skills and knowledge to be the critical, scientific thinkers of the future. Children will know what science is and its importance in their lives, the lives of the community and those in the wider world.

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