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Updates and frequently asked questions regarding the ACE transition and consultation


We are looking to formalise our partnership and join The Academies for Character and Excellence, this would take effect from the 1st October 2023.  As part of this process we are entering into a formal consultation with key stakeholders over the next 4 weeks, from Monday 10th July through to Friday 15th September 2023. During this consultation period, we want hear your views and questions, in order to include all stakeholders in this process. Giving our parent body as much information about the benefits of moving into the ACE group is extremely important to us, as we want to give you the best possible learning opportunities for your children.


Please email your questions into the school using the email address: or anonymously through the box in the reception lobby.


For more information on ACE visit their website at:



Frequently asked questions


Q:  How often do you get together as a group of schools?

OW – We aim to work collaboratively on a weekly basis across schools and across teams. The networking we have developed already is making a huge different to our support and practice for teachers and support staff.

NH added on how all the schools work together and how they link in with each other


Q:  How different will the curriculum be for the children?

Not one size fits all – we are always looking for improvement. The ACE curriculum offers a broad and exciting range of learning tailored to meet the needs of all pupils. Please see the ACE website for further info:


Q:  My child seems to be just concentrating on one thing – why is this so different?

OW explained that the ACE learning enquiry allows teachers to focus on one or two areas in more depth, which in turn, will benefit the children’s learning. The whole curriculum will still be taught, but at different times across the year.

NH added.  You will notice three different things with the curriculum


  1. Books – Journal
  2. Learning experiences
  3. How they are learning


Q:  What provision does the Trust provide in the curriculum for SEND children or children that need that extra support?

CW – All schools have SENDCo’s that work together to improve the curriculum for children with extra needs and accessing the curriculum for our children that need extra support.

WP added about SEND targets


Q:  What about pastoral care?

Nothing will change they will still have access to forest school etc.  CW spoke about thinking tools and Owen spoke about the Ed Physc.  Nick linked the 3 circles to the recipe for success.


Q:  Will you change the term dates?

This is set at school level and the Trust would not look at changing these.


Q:  What is the staff retention?

The staff retention is 97.8%.  Owen added about the staff enjoying the opportunities since working with the Trust.


Q:  Trinity has a nurturing environment following joining the Trust will this be affected at all?

All our Trust schools are nurturing – Owen added we know our children and their families, we did look at this through our due diligence exercise.  We will keep our unique identity.  WP added about how the Trust sensitively deals with situations to ensure the children feel safe and there are no barriers.

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