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Accelerated Reader

From Year 3 onwards , we use the Accelerated Reader Programme to support children in becoming independent readers, learning to love books and reading for pleasure. The children are allocated a reading range based on their level of comprehension.  At the end of each book the children carry out a short online quiz that checks their understanding and awards them points.

As they get the quizzes right and score more points they move on to more complex books. Teachers are able to keep a clear record of books read and the frequency with which they are being changed and can also analyse data from these quizzes to advise children on books they might like to read or to intervene when children are struggling with certain texts or questions.


There are over 37,000 quizzes available so If you have books at home that your children would like to read and quiz on , please use the AR bookfinder link below to see if your books at home have a quiz for them.


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