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Our Vision


'Here at Trinity we want to give children the best start we possibly can in their academic, social and physical development.'  


We aim to develop each child at their own pace with child centred learning to progress their Physical Literacy Skills based on proven research.  Reading and writing is broken down into simple stages to help mastery.  Physical Literacy is the same, there are many stages designed to support children in becoming fluid and confident movers.   Our school grounds and play space are designed to help support inquisitively, activity and self-discovery.  We aim to build on this ethos within their formal Physical Education lessons. 

PE lessons will be based on a Physical Literacy approach helping each child to develop their Movement, Balance and Object control as well as their confidence through a range of activities at their own pace.  They will the get opportunity to experience adapted games, simple competition and activities both on site and through our partnership with St Luke’s Primary Sports Partnership.


Through educational research we are clear that physical activity and academic progression goes hand in hand.  We will encourage children to be active and make healthy choices as part of their daily lives and will endeavour to help them find enjoyment from being active through the activities we provide as well as role-modelling with a vision of making them life-long participants in an active lifestyle.



Meet the PE Team


Mr Bayliss - Sports coach

I have provided P.E support to the children and staff at Trinity School since December 2017. Working with the children from the beginning of their school years is enabling us to teach them the Fundamentals of movement and ball skills and establish the foundations for a wide range of sporting and activity based interests. I am a sporting 'all-rounder' and was trained as a P.E teacher at University and although I did not take this path for the early part of my career I am now a Level 2 cricket coach, Level 1 rugby and tennis and a full time sports and P.E coach.

PE funding for 2017/18

As we currently only have a Reception Intake we are not eligible for the Sports Premium funding until 2018/19.

A report for 2018/19 funding will be made available on this page. 

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