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Nut Aware Policy

Nut Aware policy


Trinity C of E VA Primary and Nursery School is food allergy aware. This is a change from our previous policy which stated we were ‘nut free’. This change is to better reflect what efforts we can all do to minimise the risk to children with allergies whilst appreciating that we cannot be completely confident that all food items brought in are nut free or that another child has not consumed nuts before coming into school.


There are a considerable number of students at our school who have severe food allergies. The most common of these allergens are peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish and shellfish, soy and wheat. The most serious risk in our school is nut allergies which can cause life threatening anaphylactic reactions to some of our students. 


Aims of this policy

  • To provide a safe learning environment for all members of the Trinity school community
  •  To raise the awareness of all members of the community regarding severe allergies



The Nut Aware policy will be managed by:

  • Parents and caregivers being requested NOT to send food to school that contains nuts (especially peanuts). This includes all types of nuts, peanut butter, Nutella and food containing nuts.
  • Our school kitchen and food are already nut free and we do not supply any ingredients in food technology that have nuts or nut derivatives. 
  • Staff supervising eating at lunchtime.
  • Students being encouraged NOT to share food.
  • Students being encouraged to wash hands before and after eating.
  • Staff training in understanding and dealing with Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions) as the need arises.



The policy will be promoted by:

  • A copy of this policy being issued to all parents and caregivers.
  • Staff being informed and provided with training opportunities.
  • Publication of this policy on the school website
  • Pupils being informed via teachers, support staff and signs
    • to be responsible when eating and handling food both inside and outside of school
    • helping students to understand that foods they can enjoy eating can be also be [OW1] dangerous to others
    • encouraging students to support their class mates with allergies by eating and handling food responsibly


Risk Assessment regarding Nut Allergy

  • Staff will be alert to any obvious signs of nuts being brought in, but they will not inspect all food brought into school.


  • If staff do notice a student that has brought in food that contains nuts or nut products these items will be removed and if required an alternative will be provided from the school kitchen.  


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