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Computing Curriculum


Computing at Trinity should enable our learners to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and help change the world for the better.

We want all our children to make links between computing, maths, science and design technology.

Our curriculum will promote opportunities for problem solving, programming with a real world outcome and exploration and presentation of their learning. These will all be delivered in a way that promotes safety and kindness in how we communicate with others using different technologies. We will ask our core behaviour questions “Is it safe and is it respectful?” when doing so.

We want our children to understand how technology can be used for good and become aware of how it can be used to cause harm. Age appropriate levels of understanding with regards to the reliability of information on the internet, cyberbullying, mobile technology, staying safe online and other aspects of internet safety will be covered.

We want our children to make wise choices in how they use technology as a tool to enhance their learning.



Teachers and subject leaders have strong subject knowledge and understanding of skills shared across the whole school via the skills progression map. This will also be achieved by high quality C.P.D. support from the IT coordinator and exchange of good practice with other members of staff.

Children are given the opportunity to work individually, in peer groups and present to the class concepts they have been learning.

Children can learn through high quality resources, such as Beebots, Google Chrome books or Learnpads, Lego Wedo and data loggers.

The content of learning environments will be consistent in promoting the safe use of this equipment and technology.



Work produced shows achievement, progression and is aspirational across pupil groups. Learning produced and presented should increase in the demonstration of skills and knowledge the children can show as they move up through the school.

Children are systematic in their approach to computing and problem solving, understanding the term algorithm. They are able to debug and problem solve when there are issues with programs.

Children are ready for the next stage of their education.

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