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There are many things in most of our homes that we can use to provide enrichment and learning. Some of these include:


  • Board games - many games include counting, money, problem solving, negotiating and language skills


  • Keep a diary - this is an extraordinary time for everyone and in years to come the memories of these children will be a very interesting read


  • Reading - whether that be school books or those you have at home


  • Junk modelling using recycling - set them a challenge/task e.g. build a rocket, design a house 


  • Baking/cooking - uses language and measurement skills 


  • Rainbow pictures for your windows. Many children across the country are placing their rainbow pictures in their windows to help spread joy to neighbours who pass on their daily walk/exercise. Mrs Rakestrow's are below as an example. 


  • Lego/blocks - please see below a lego challenge you may wish to try some days. Setting the children a task helps them plan, design and create with purpose. 


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