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A huge welcome to our new children and families to Cygnets Class! This half term we will be spending lots of time getting to know our peers and teachers by engaging in lots of fantastic play opportunities. It is essential that during this time the children feel happy, safe and secure in their new environment. We will support the children as they learn new routines such as lunchtime in the hall and how to gain independent skills by self selecting activities, taking responsibility for their bags, coats, water bottles and snacks. 

We will be starting Forest School too which will encourage children to learn a wide range of skills and knowledge about the natural world around them. 


In week 2 we will introduce Power Maths and Little Wandle Phonics. The teaching of this will take place in whole class sessions as well as in smaller groups. 



The team and I are very excited to start your child's learning journey with them! 


Useful links when schooling at home: - please refine the activities by phase 2 if you think your child would benefit from a recap of these sounds, or phase 3 to consolidate their new sounds – please log in for access to bug club - some lovely links here to different games and activities – with topmarks please refine by early years. This will give you a range of maths games that are lovely for children to consolidate their one to one correspondence as well as explore other concepts. Take 10 is a great game as well as coconut ordering and the mental maths train - epic books are also brilliant and are fabulous for exploring our mini topic on animals


Pe activities: - Would you rather? - workout

Here are some pictures of our first couple of weeks...

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