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Design and Technology Curriculum


  • It is the intent of Trinity Primary School for Design Technology to be taught in all year groups in an inspiring, rigorous and practical nature.  
  • Design Technology projects are often made cross curricular, linking to other subjects taught and the interests of the pupils. This includes food technology and cooking projects every once a half term. 
  • Design Technology in our school will allow pupils to design and create products that solve real and relevant problems, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. 



  • Teachers and subject leaders have a strong subject knowledge and understanding of the skills that are needed to be taught for a purpose.  
  • Teachers use live and daily planning to establish next steps and address misconceptions of the children’s knowledge as well as skills that need to be revisited and practised further.  
  • Children are given high quality and engaging opportunities to work as individuals, part of a group and a whole class, focusing on the skills and knowledge of Design Technology that is suitable for their age and stage.  
  • Assessment of children's learning in Design Technology is an ongoing monitoring process of children's understanding, knowledge and skills by the class teacher throughout lessons. This assessment is then used to inform differentiation, support and challenge required by the children. 
  • Design Technology is monitored by the subject leader throughout the year in the form of lesson observations, exploration of planning and pupil interviews to discuss their learning and understanding - establishing the impact of the teaching taking place. 
  • Resources both in the classrooms as well as in the provision will be reviewed termly, to ensure teachers have the correct materials to delivery high quality lessons and activities.  



  • Both summative and formation assessment show achievement and progression of skills and knowledge. This should be aspirational across all pupil groups. Skills and knowledge gained in DT should then be used by pupils within other areas of the curriculum. 
  • Children become aware of what is to ‘problem solve’ and ‘become a resilient learner’ (see Essential Characteristic below). 
  • Children have demonstrated and share their understanding with confidence with other peers and teachers.  
  • Children are ready to develop their skills further by using what they have understood and processed so far. 
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