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At Trinity Primary we want all children to experience the joy of being able to express themselves imaginatively through a variety of mediums, materials and experiences. We want all the children to be able to reflect critically on the work of artists and learn how to reflect positively and with kindness upon their own work and that of their peers. Art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. A high-quality art and design education at Trinity Primary should engage, inspire and challenge our pupils. 



We will aspire to give children regular access to art and craft activities which are both stand alone as well as topic/theme related. Where possible children will be given the opportunity to assess critically the work of artists not just as a stand-alone piece of teaching but, also within other subjects. This will not only help to bring to life the subject we are teaching but, will enable some high-quality discussion and vocabulary use. 

In Key stage 1 planning for art, craft and design will reflect the National Curriculum aims. Art will be visible in medium term plans and on topic webs.  In Year 1 the children will also access art, craft and design through continuous provision. 

In Nursery and EYFS art, craft and design will be accessed through continuous provision activities. It may be visible in ‘In the moment planning’. 

Art Club will be run during a lunchtime which will give children the chance to explore and work with a variety of materials and enable them to create a quality piece of artwork over a short period of time I.e. 4 weeks. 


Impact and Monitoring 

During their learning journey at Trinity Primary will hope that the children will discover the confidence not only to express themselves artistically, to the best of their ability in a variety of ways , but also to develop themselves as positive critics of their own work, that of their peers and the work of famous artists.  

Regular termly monitoring of Art will help progression of skills to be tracked against the NC aims. In Key stage 1 Artwork will be displayed in class and on Tapestry which will help to provide a visual account of the children’s progress and a record of their access and use of a variety of materials. Tapestry will eventually be used to record children’s feedback and opinions on both their own pieces of work and that of others (including famous artists). Year 2 are currently trialing art books, the use of these will be monitored over the year. Artwork will be done directly into the books and they will also be used to keep a record of ‘loose’ pieces of artwork.  

In Nursery and Reception children’s artwork will be displayed and recorded on Tapestry. 

There will be a termly monitoring of resources to enable teachers to request and purchase the necessary materials needed for the following term. Resources purchased will be expected to be stored and used with care to ensure their longevity.  

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