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Nut Free Policy

Nut Free Policy


 As we have some children in school who suffer from a severe nut allergy please could I take this opportunity to remind everyone that our school endeavours to have a “No Nuts Policy”. This means that the following items should not be bought into school:

  •  Packs of nuts

  •  Peanut butter sandwiches

  •  Fruit and cereal bars that contain nuts

  •  Chocolate bars or sweets that contain nuts

  •  Sesame seed rolls (children allergic to nuts may  also have a severe reaction to sesame)

  •  Cakes made with nuts

We have a policy not to use nuts in any of our food prepared on site at our school. Our suppliers provide us with nut-free products, however, we cannot guarantee freedom from nut traces.

If there are any issues that you feel arise as a result of this policy, please do feel free to come and see me to discuss them and if your child develops any allergies, please inform the school. 

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