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Foxes Class

Life in Year 3

At Trinity, Year 3 marks the journey upstairs in the school! Foxes and Badgers are the Year 3 rooms. We try to build on the excellent foundation children have had in the early years and KS1 by keeping some things familiar while introducing new ways of working which help the children manage the step up in the curriculum.

Year 3 topics include “Extreme Survival” and “10,000 BC!” Again – we have carefully designed topics to engage and inspire the children within the Foundation subjects. The children will continue to write in a cross curricular way as well as having distinct English lessons where specific areas of grammar and word class are taught. Our handwriting scheme, Kinetic Letters, continues as children practise daily with fluency and flow leading to a joined script by the Summer. Modern Foreign language sessions are introduced in the Summer term.

Our Power Maths scheme is carefully planned and sequenced as well as individually planned lessons to re-visit areas of challenge in our learning. Science, IT and the Foundation areas are still taught as experientially as possible and Tapestry is still used as our assessment in these areas. It is also used as a great communication tool with parents.

We have introduced a half termly approach to home-learning which encourages the children to dig deeper into areas of the topic as well as continuing with Doodle Maths and Spelling Shed. We have all enrolled on our Times Table Rock Star programme to embed those tables.

Reading is still of a huge priority with Accelerated Reader tracking texts and comprehension skills. We also hear children read individually bi-weekly and they all have a guided read once a week. We have an author focus once half termly, enjoy a class reader and a whole class book study.

The children still have a half day of Forest School each week which explores more of the areas of scientific inquiry and field work skills. And visitors (like a mountain rescue team and marine commander) add life to topics as well as off-site visits.

Useful links when schooling at home

  • Doodle Maths –  Every day an assignment is set which once completed will release the “5 a day” and the games. Please do not help your child with this. IT will re-calibrate itself according to how it is completed. Encourage your child to use the HELP tools if they get stuck.
  • AR quizzing – we hope to get books released ASAP but children can quiz.
  • Bug Club – for those children still on reading scheme books.
  • NUMBOTS  and Times Table Rock Stars.
  • Topmarks Maths Please filter by subject – GREAT Maths reinforcement.
  • Epic Books – which is offering a free month for families. This is an EXCELLENT resource which has books, videos, quizzes etc.


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