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Ducklings Class


In Ducklings Class we love to play and explore using all of our senses. We learn through collaboration, investigation and by following our interests. 

What a fantastic Spring term. We welcomed back some of our friends and have worked hard to get back into our routines and re-establish our relationships. We loved the space topic and caring for our alien friend Zoik! Ducklings have also enjoyed playing in our new potion area. We have been mixing, pouring, tipping and exploring a range of smells and textures. 

Useful links when schooling at home: - please refine the activities by phase 2 if you think your child would benefit from a recap of these sounds, or phase 3 to consolidate their new sounds – please log in for access to bug club - some lovely links here to different games and activities – with topmarks please refine by early years. This will give you a range of maths games that are lovely for children to consolidate their one to one correspondence as well as explore other concepts. Take 10 is a great game as well as coconut ordering and the mental maths train - epic books are also brilliant and are fabulous for exploring our mini topic on animals

PE activities:

Spring Learning

World Book Day 2021

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