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Music and Arts

Music and Arts

We encourage creativity and passion for arts in all children at Trinity School. 

Laura Loft spends time weekly with all classes building a love of music. 

Laura produces a music blog which can be found here


Choir and collective worship

Choir is currently held with Year 1 and Collective Worship with everyone.

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Special Singing Events


World Sing up Day: Wednesday 13th March

We are excited to support our commitment to singing by joining in with World Sing Up Day on Wednesday 13th March 2019. This year's song is called 'One Moment, One People'. 

From the UK to UAE and the US to China, schools and singers around the whole world join us on Sing Up Day. 


Please join us in the main hall from 3.15pm. The students will perform the song and will lead us in some sing-a-long songs from choir and djembes. 



One Moment, One People

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