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What foods can my child bring into school?

Just a reminder that our school endeavours as far as possible to be a nut-free school, this includes sesame seeds.  We have a number of students in school who have severe nut allergies and can be seriously affected by someone else who is eating – or may have recently eaten – nuts.  Even if you eat a product containing nuts, this can have a serious effect on a student later on in the classroom.

What colour and style should the school slippers be?


As long as the slippers are practical and durable, they can be any colour or style.


Does my child need to bring a drink or snack in to school.


As a school we will provide water and fruit snacks throughout the day, but we would also appreciate it if parents could provide a healthy snack and a water bottle filled with only water please and not juice or squash.


Why can't I find Trinity School on the booking section of the FISH website?


We have had a few queries about bookings for breakfast and after school club with FISH. I have just spoken with their admin team and they have said that the office will now be open from 9.30am - 1pm Monday - Friday to deal with any bookings. 
Regular bookings will need to made through the FISH office using their Priority Booking Form from today, but weekly ad-hoc bookings can be made online and will open from the middle of August. 
If you have a child in year 1 - 6 in another primary school and would like to take advantage of our free 30 min drop off and collection service, this will also be booked through FISH.
Please call their office on 08445 618847. 

Please be reassured that every child who needs to access the extended school service will be guaranteed a place.


Do I have to buy the polo shirt with the school logo on?


As part of our school uniform code the expectation is that all children have the jumper or cardigan with the school logo on, but the polo shirts can be bought from anywhere. These can be either white or bottle green.


Please see the uniform section of the website for more information.




Does my child need a PE kit for the first year and if so how much PE will they take part in each week?


At the start of term the children will begin to get used to changing for PE and this become more frequent as the year progresses. We are aiming to deliver some type of PE activity every day. Some days this may include the full PE kit, consisting of a bottle green t-shirt, shorts (jogging bottoms in the winter)and plimsoles. On other days it may just be the t-shirt. 


Please see the uniform section of the website for more information.



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